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20th Reunion Saturday Night (Click any photo to see it full-size)

If you know of any missing names, please click here: Steve Rhodes

Brenda's husband Don Jones '63, Brenda Huggett, Ron Vargesko and Rick Shugart

Gary and Jane Jacobs

David Dillard, Jerilyn Cox and Henry Luman's wife JoBeth (Dungan) Luman '67

Tommy Tompkins, Bobby Weaver, David Hopkins and David's wife Nila

Ronnie Cox and Henry Luman

Bobby Weaver, Gary Jacobs, Sandra Vibrock and Rick Shugart

?, Henry's wife JoBeth (Dungan) Luman '67, Henry Luman and Sally Sellers

Suzanne Kidd, Denny Wheat and Duane Cross

Kay Crossman and Chuck Lander

Gloria Mayabb, Cheryl Phillips and Sally Sellers

?, Tommy Tompkins and Duane Cross

Mike Lowery and Roger Parker

Sally Sellers and Vick Shugart

Mary Harry and Roger Parker

Glenda Hogkinson (background), Gloria Mayabb (background), Marilyn Wagner, Ronnie Caldwell (headless) and Sue Lawrence

Roger Parker and Roy Talley

?, Mary Harry and Brenda Huggett

Roger Parker and Gary Jacobs