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20th Reunion Saturday Night (Click any photo to see it full-size)

If you know of any missing names, please click here: Steve Rhodes

Gary Love, ?, Gary's wife Candace

Steve Rhodes and Sally Sellers

Sally Sellers being yelled at by Vick Shugart (ok, probably not, but that's what the picture makes it appear)

Ronnie Scoggins, ? and Vick Shugart

Dale Beggs and wife

Don Paschal and Sheri Wise

Suzanne Kidd, Lowell Halpin and Denny Wheat

Suzanne Kidd, Lowell Halpin and Denny Wheat

Jack Whiteside '64 and Karen Nickens

Becky ?, Jan Caldwell and Becky Shipley

Ken Helfman, Marion William and Billy Hunt's mother

Billy Hunt's parents

Ronnie Combest, Craig McKnight and wife and Roger Parker

?, Tommy Tompins and Jim Holmes