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20th Reunion Saturday Night (Click any photo to see it full-size)

If you know of any missing names, please click here: Steve Rhodes

Gary Jacobs and Ron Bozman

Roger Parker

Ken Helfman

Ken Helfman and Billy Hunt's parents

Gary Jacobs

?'s husband, Joe Driver, Joe's wife, Ann Mothershed, Linda Browder, and Richard Oglesby's wife Bobbie (Tarpley) Oglesby '66

Wayne Boggs, Sally Sellers, ?, Lea McMurray, Wayne's wife Kathy (Fishpaw) Boggs '66, ?, Tommy Turrentine, Brian Beaver

Duane Watson and Gary Jacobs

Marion Williams

Jody Fry

Bill Dollar, Bill's wife, Mike Cook's wife?, Pat Stewart (seated), Judy Collins, David Dillard, ?, Mike Cook, ?, ?

Nancy Tipton, Paula Roberts, Larry Moss, Richard's wife Bobbie (Tarpley) Oglesby '66, Richard Oglesby

Bob Hammond, Brian Beaver, Ron Vargesko, Suzzane Kidd, Rose Ann Mitchell and Lee Kennemer

Ron Vargesko, Suzzane Kidd, Rose Ann Mitchell, Bill Dollar, Lee Kennemer and Bill's wife Tandy Dollar