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25th Reunion Friday Night (Click any photo to see it full-size)

If you know of any missing names, please click here: Steve Rhodes

Brenda Huggett and Jerilyn Cox

Rick and Vick Shugart

Sally Sellers and Karen Nickens

Paul Englebretson and Steve Rhodes

Jeffrey Rhodes (Steve Rhodes and Sally Sellers's son) contemplating life as a Garland Owl

Paul Morrow and his wife

Marsha Moulton, Rick Shugart, Paul Englebretson and ?

Craig McKnight, Mike Morris and ?

Judy Pruitt, ?, Lanell Beggs's husband and Lanell Beggs

Anna McKinney and Pat Stewart

Jackie Hutson, Gayla Martin and Rusty Baity

Mike Attaway and Paul Englebretson

?, Benny's wife Trudy Aven '64, Benny McCarter and ?

Darrel Howard and Chuck Lander