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25th Reunion Saturday Night (Click any photo to see it full-size)

If you know of any missing names, please click here: Steve Rhodes

Suzanne Kidd, Marsha Moulton, Sally Sellers and Karen Nickens

Vick Shugart and Paul Englebreston

Paul Englebreston and Steve Rhodes

Don Cooper and Lowell Halpin

James Lawson and his wife

Sally Sellers, Gloria Mayabb, Ed Tolleson's wife and Ed Tolleson

Rick Shugart, ?, ? and Jimmy Adams

Steve Rhodes, Suzanne Kidd and Vick Shugart

Rusty Baity's wife, Rusty Baity, Ronnie Hobbs and Denny Wheat

Judy Pruitt, Paul Englebretson, Pete Lohstreter, Lea McMurray and Vick Shugart

Sally Sellers, Suzanne Kidd and ?

Mike Lowery, Mike's wife, ?, ?, ?, Jack Whiteside '64 and Marion Williams

Pete Lohstreter, James Lawson, Jimmy Adams, Rick Shugart and ?

Ron Bozman's wife, Jean Bunch, Ron Bozman, Marsha Moulton and Jack Whiteside '64

Marion Williams, Mike Lowery's wife and ?