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25th Reunion Saturday Night (Click any photo to see it full-size)

If you know of any missing names, please click here: Steve Rhodes

Sherri Tauzin and James Midgett

Linda Oglesby and her husband

Don Cooper and Sally Sellers

Jay's wife and Jay Spraggins

Jimmy Wester, Rusty Baity and ?

?, ? and Gayla Martin

Ed's wife, Ed Tolleson, Mike Morris and ?

Suzanne Kidd and Vick Shugart

Don Cooper and Lowell Halpin

Jean Bunch, Rick Shugart, Gene Mayes and Karen Nickens

? and Paul Englebretson

Nancy Vernon and Charla Patrick

Sally Sellers and Paul Englebretson

Sally Sellers and Rick Shugart

Paul Englebretson and Steve Rhodes