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30th Reunion Groups - Batch 2 (Click any photo to see it full-size)

If you know of any missing names, please click here: Steve Rhodes

Marsha Mouton and Chris Brooks Jones '66

Mike Lowery and wife Sonia

Coach Bill Yung and Coach R. E. Dodson

Roger Parker and Coach Chuck Curtis

Yvonne Gifford and Glenda Gossett

Glenda Gossett and Judy Higgs

Linda Oglesby and husband Robert Harman

Paul Englebretson and Steve Rhodes

Charles Axe

Charles Axe and Duane Watson

James Blake and ??

Betty Tapp and Glenda Kirk

Linda Oglesby and Lee Kennemer

Danny Finch and wife Edie

Coach Chuck Curtis and Jerry Pickle

Zach Hodges and Rusty Baity

Sandra Vibrock and Sally Sellers

Coach Bill Yung and ??

Rusty Baity and Mark Holly

Benny McCarter, Zach Hodges and Ronnie Bell

Lee Kennemer and Paul Englebretson

Hill Norvell and Rex Smith

Gene Mayes and Sandra Vibrock

Barbara Graham, Ronnie Caldwell and Sally Sellers

Larry Moss and Judy Walden

Barbara Graham and Vick Shugart

Sally Sellers and Rusty Baity

Judy Walden, Mark Holly and Lee Kennemer