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All-Class Reunion at North Garland 10/29/05 (Click any photo to see it full-sized)

Sally Sellers and Lea McMurray

Steve Rhodes, Sally Sellers and Lea McMurray

Sally Sellers and Dick Roth

Bobby Wynn ('50)

Steve Rhodes, Judy Higgs, Lea McMurray and Ann Wallace

Steve Rhodes and Mike Hayslip ('62)

Linda Self, Barbara Self Beck ('69) and Joan Self Ross ('62)

Sammy Myers ('60), Charlie Myers and Woodrow Myers, Jr. ('50)

Charlie Myers, Barbara Barker and Ann Wallace

Judy Higgs and Charlie Myers

Judy Higgs, Glynn Higgs ('61) and Lil Ridout ('62)

Steve Rhodes and Phil Metcalf

Steve Rhodes and Larry Wright

Ralph Weaver ('64)

Ronnie Williams ('64) and Bill Shipp ('64)

Sally Sellers, Hugh Collins and Steve Rhodes are thrilled to see Bobby Wynn ('50)

Former Deb Sally Sellers with 2 current Debs.

Steve Rhodes, Gayla Martin and Sally Sellers

Gayla Martin, Sally Sellers and Charlotte Martin

Ronnie Combest and Steve Mitchell

Steve Rhodes and Pete Hammerle ('66)

Richard Covington, Linda Browder, Sherri Tauzin and Steve Rhodes

Joanne Jones ('41) and proud son Tony Jones

Rose Ann Mitchell with hubby Pete Coffey

Sally Sellers, Kaye Morgan and Rose Ann Mitchell

Linda Self, Yvonne Gifford, Sharon McCowen, Billy Roark, Mary Harry, Jo Ann Wilson, Mary's hubby Ken Sims, Judy Higgs and Jack Bickle ('62)

Steve Rhodes, Phil Metcalf, Joe Gray, Mike Morris

Jay Jones ('57) and Steve Rhodes

Hugh Collins and Joe Gray

Sharon McCowen, Jack Bickle ('62), Jean Wingo ('64), Brenda Wingo ('62) and hubby Billy Merriman and BoPeep Wilcoxson

BoPeep Wilcoxson and Beverly Nicholson?? ('64)

Teacher Paul Tiemann, ??? and Glenn Higgs ('62)

Teacher Paul Tiemann and Glenn Higgs ('62)

Homer Johnson ('45) and Ralph Weaver ('64)

Roberta McCord ('56) and Don Gordon ('64)

Steve Rhodes and Roberta McCord ('56)

Carol McGee, Dorothy McGee ('53) and Marth McGee ('57)

Yvonne Gifford and teacher Paul Tiemann

Mike Morris and Lee Kennemer

Steve Rhodes, Mike Cloud ('63) and Pete Hammerle ('66)

Eva Garrish Griffin ('38) and daughter Ann Griffin

Sally Rhodes, Eva Garrish Griffin ('38) and daughter Ann Griffin

Sandra Vibrock, Steve Rhodes and BoPeep Wilcoxson

Phil Metcalf and Billy Roark

Ann Griffin and Kaye Morgan

Gene Mays and Dan Mayes ('60)

Sandra Vibrock and Linda Jennings ('62)

Teacher Billy Stewart and Steve Rhodes

Sally Sellers and teacher Billy Stewart

Steve Rhodes, Linda Browder, Merry Archibald and Sherri Tauzin

Sharon McCowen, Linda Browder, Steve Rhodes, Merry Archibald, Sherri Tauzin and Sally Sellers

Lea McMurray, Steve Rhodes, Sally Sellers, Mike Foster and Barbara Barker

Sally Sellers and Bobby Wynn ('50)

Sally Sellers, Jerilyn Cox and Steve Rhodes