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Tailgate Party 10/27/05 (Click any photo to see it full-sized)

The Spirit of '65

Barbara Barker and Sherry Matlock

Tommy Hatch and Sally Sellers

David Walker

Paula Scoggins (Ronnie's wife) and Ronnie Combest

Charles Axe, Ronnie Scoggins and Jo Ann Wilson's husband Pat Wilburn

Charles Axe and Ronnie Scoggins

Ronnie Combest

Linda Burgett and hubby William Hoyle

Sherry Matlock and Craig Foster

Lee Kennemer and Jo Ann Wilson

Lee Kennemer

Sandra Vibrock hiding behind her camera!

Lee Kennemer and Jo Ann Wilson

Barbara Barker and Mike Foster

Paul Englebretson and Sally Sellers

Mikki Combest (Ronnie's wife) and Judy Higgs

David Walker, Billy Roark and wife Judith Cook

Jimmy Adams and Vicki Stone

Mary Harry with hubby Ken Sims and Lee Kennemer

Lee Kennemer

Jo Ann Wilson

Paul Englebretson, Steve Rhodes, Jo Ann Wilson and Mary Harry

Linda Burgett