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Joe Driver's House 10-21-07 (Click any photo to see it full-sized)

Dom Beaver, Sally Sellers and Dom's wife Nancy Beaver

Linda Burgett and Lea McMurray

Linda Burgett and Sally Sellers

Lowell Halpin and Suzanne Kidd

Paul Morrow, Gene Mayes and Jimmy Adams

Denny Wheat, Gene Mayes and Paul Morrow

Denny Wheat, Steve Rhodes and Gene Mayes

Chow time at our pot luck party: Bill Hoyle, Paul Morrow, Gene Mayes, Carol Huston, Linda Burgett and Ronnie Scoggins

Jimmy Adams, Vicki Stone, Bill Hoyle and Joe Driver

Suzanne Kidd, Diana Green and David Green '66

Sally Sellers and Lowell Halpin

Lea McMurray