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BBQ Dinner 10-18-08 (Click any photo to see it full-sized)

Ronnie Combest

Paul Englebretson and Lea (McMurray) Lohstreter

Sally (Sellers) Rhodes

Paula and Ronnie Scoggins

Gayla (Martin) Armstrong

Cecil Monroe '64 and Beckey (Legg) Tillery

Tony Jones

Toni (Hall) Allen

Charles and Eula Axe

Linda (Burgett) and Bill Hoyle

Dom Beaver

L. D. Carpenter

Nila Hopkins

Pete Lohstreter

Paul and Billie Sue Morrow

Barbara (Barker) Foster and her granddaughter

Steve and Sally (Sellers) Rhodes

Nila and David Hopkins

Pete Lohstreter, Paul and Sally Morrow and Barbara (Barker) Foster

Ronnie Combest, Judith (Cook) Roark '69, Paul Englebretson, Sally (Sellers) Rhodes, Pete Lohstreter, Paul and Billie Sue Morrow and Barbara (Barker) Foster