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Football Reunion 2004 Field House Inside (Click any photo to see it full-sized)

Helmets and gear for the current Garland Owl football team in the field house

Ronnie Scoggins, Paula Scoggins, Homer Johnson and Steve Rhodes

Ronnie Scoggins, Paula Scoggins, Bill Shipp '64, Paul Englebretson and Homer Johnson

Sally Sellers, Bill Shipp '64, Jerry Butler, Gary Bridges '64, Duane Cross, Ronnie Scoggins and Jimmy Adams

Sally Sellers, Bill Shipp '64 and Gary Bridges '64

Today's Garland Owl football team motto

Shawn Bridges, Gary Bridges '64, Garland owl assistant coach ?, Roger Parker

Gary Jacobs, Duane Cross, Ralph Weaver '64 and Gary Bridges '64

Jimmy Adams, Ronnie Cox and Gary Bridges '64

Lowell Halpin, Ralph Weaver and Jimmy Adams

Denny Wheat, Gary Jacobs and Jimmy Adams