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Player Groups Batch 1 at Football Reunion (Click any photo to see it full-sized)

Johnny Klas '64 and Jo Beth Klas

Jerry Butler and Don Lawrence '64

Jerry Butler and Don Lawrence '64

Andy Lipscomb and Steve Rhodes

Weldon Mullens and Ann Parker

Glenda Weaver and Don Gordon

Carl Bradford and Jim Gaskey '66

Kaye Morgan and Phil Jones

Lowell Halpin and Suzanne Kidd

Hill Norvell and Denny Wheat

Steve Mitchell '66, Jim Gaskey '66 and David Green '66

Jerry Butler, Jane Jacobs and Gary Jacobs

Jerry Butler and Sally Sellers

Gary Marks and Ronnie Cox

Jerry Butler, Steve Rhodes, Gene Mayes and Dickie Wheat '66

Gary Marks and Linda Pickett

Bill Shipp '64 and Denny Wheat

Steve Rhodes and Brenda Huggett