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New Teacher Photos (Click any photo to see it full-size)

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Marshall Altom (Bussey Arithmetic)

William Davis (Bussey Science)

Delbert Collins (Rose Hill Principal)

Mrs. Helen Anderson and Mrs. Robert Kearny (Rose Hill Cafeteria Workers)

Jane Dixon (Central 6th Grade)

Opal Dodson (Williams 5th Grade)

Suzanne Eubanks (Bussey Nurse)

Billie Ferguson (Williams 3rd Grade)

Grace Glaze (Daugherty 5th Grade)

Bill Hardy (Bussey Arithmetic or Science)

Mrs. Henry (Rose Hill 2nd Grade)

Ina Himmelreich (Bussey Art)

Julia Holman (Bussey Arithmetic)

Julia Holman (Bussey Arithmetic)

Tom Jones (Bussey PE)

Roxie LaTurno (Daugherty 2nd Grade)

Bill Lewis (Bussey Football)

Marci Matlock (Sam Houston Speech)

Bess Martin (Freeman 5th and 6th grades)

Beth Matthews (Bussey Secretary)

Dorothy Miller (Bussey English and Speech)

Harris Moore (Bussey Science)

Alvis O. Murphrey (Bussey History)

Helen Newell (Bussey Reading)

John Owens (Bussey Football)

Mrs. Peters (Rose Hill 4th Grade)

Barbara Rickman (Bussey Art)

John W. Roberts (Bussey History)

Pat Roberts (Bussey PE)

Frankie Ross (Bussey Music)

Sue Rowlett (Bussey English)

Alys Shanks (Freeman 5th and 6th Grade)

W. J. "Jerry" Sellers (Bussey's First Principal)

Ruby Springer (Bussey Arithmetic)

Patsy Stevens (Bussey PE)